Aromatherapy Massages for men and women

The practice of aromatherapy has benefited human kind for thousands of years. This century has
seen the application of science to the ancient art and one company has done more than any other
to improve the purity and quality of essential oils and the products that are derived from them.

The Tisserand name is synonymous with excellence and is the first choice of professional practitioners and those looking for the best products available. The Tisserand range is extensive, innovative and authentic.

Massages available for Men and Women check price list

Aromatherapy sensuous relaxing massage tailored to your individual needs
1 hour 40 1/2hour 22
Swedish 1hour 30
Indian Head 1hour 40
Innoxa Pressure Point incusive of scalp,shoulders, back,and neck massage
1 hour 45
Reflexology Mondays only

Oil Base
oils.gif – 1.9 K
oilspic.gif – 21.7 KMassage Oils and Lotions
vapor.gif – 4.1 K

The Tisserand range of vaporisers offer something
for everyone, whether you are looking for a sophisticated vaporising ioniser or simple vaporising ring. Whatever you choose from the range it will be stylish, cost effective,safe and efficient.
The range includes an excellent Vaporising Ioniser,
an Aromatherapy Vaporiser, an Aroma-Stone
and Aroma-Stream . . . all coming with fitted plugs
and ready to use. For a romantic and evocative atmosphere, choose from the Fragrance Burner or Simmer Pot. For use on a conventional table or bedside lamp, Tisserand offer a firm favourite – the Vaporising Ring.

Tisserand’s pure essential oils are suitable for bathing,
vaporisation and massage.

Essential oils should not be used directly on the skin and are readily absorbed via vegetable/base oils – Tisserand offer an excellent selection, from the popular and readily absorbed Grapeseed and Sweet Almond to nourishing and beneficial Wheatgerm and Evening Primrose . . . amongst others. For extra therapeutic benefits, we offer blended face and body bases.
massage.gif – 3.4 K

For those who prefer ready to use products, Tisserand
offer an extensive collection of ready blended oils and lotions
for the face and body. Containing Tisserand pure essential oils,
these products are authentic, effective and easy to apply.

Essential oils can be used for their therapeutic purposes to benefit both the mind and body, and it is worth investing in the best. Tisserand offer over 50 pure essential oils, and a limited collection of organic essential oils. Whether you are looking for the ever useful Lavender or extravagent and beautiful Rose, you need look no further.
vaporpic.gif – 19.5 K