Becoming a Cosmetic Dentist

What it takes to become a cosmetic dentist

When it comes to pursuing a career as a cosmetic dentist, you will be required to undertake a 5-year course at university alongside further training.

This will involve a one-year vocational training course, where the trainee will undertake a role as a paid dentist in a dental practice.

Part of this program will also require the trainee dentists to attend various lectures as well as further training to educate them on all components of dentistry.

Choosing a university

Various universities will offer various different programs, so finding which one will be best for you and your career will be entirely up to you.

We would recommend doing some research on the best training academies, dental schools and universities that can offer you some credibility when you graduate.

You can view the Top UK Rankings and League Tables 2021 here.

Advice from highly acclaimed dentists

Dr Joe Oliver, founder and practice director of Joe Oliver Harley Street practices cosmetic dentistry in London and comments that:

The cosmetic dentistry industry across the world is booming right now. Especially after the current pandemic, many more people have been at home and have spent more time seeing their reflection on Zoom.

This has not only encouraged people to undertake more cosmetic procedures like veneers, but other cosmetic treatments like Invisalign as they can carry out their treatments unnoticed at home.

The industry is still expected to rise over the next coming years and if you have the skills, reputation and a good knowledge of marketing, you will certainly reap the benefits of this often lucrative industry.

Leaving education

Following their six-year training, the dentist will be pretty much left to their own devices, ideas and pursuits.

Be aware that dentistry is an ever-changing world of new inventions, innovations, improvements and methods, which affects every field.

To succeed as a cosmetic dentist it is vital that you keep up with and remain at the forefront of these modernisations.

The GDC will also require you to complete a certain amount of learning hours, which you and your future team will need to complete in courses every five years.

This is to ensure continued learning and that you deliver a high standard of care.

Dental education tips and resources

There are various websites that can help you throughout your education and provide real insights into what it’s like to become a cosmetic dentist.

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