How can Dermatology Help Me?


Dermatology focuses on skin conditions that you may have. There are various clinics in the UK that specialise in removing skin conditions that may be affecting you.

We recommend visiting a Dermatologist if you have one of the following

Vascular lesions – Telangiesctasia (red veins) commonly called “broken veins”, campbell de morgan (blood spots), spider naevi, dot Telangiesctasia. Possible cause of vascular lesions could be: exposure to the elements, cold, wind, washing with hot water and rinsing with cold, smoking or hereditary predisposition.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis – also known as Seborrhoeic Warts – they occur with age and most people over the age of 50 will have at least one. They range from being non-pigmented to golden, dark brown and almost black.

They are not caused by HPV. On coloured skins, they are called Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. Very easy to remove with just one treatment.

Plane Warts – caused by HPV and tend to occur in multiples most commonly on the neck, decollete, the back of the hands and around the knees. Very easy to remove.

Viral warts and Verrucae – Viral warts are commonly known as Verruca Vulgaris and like skin, tags are caused by HPV. They may contain black dots – these are simply capillaries.

They occur most often on the hands and around the cuticles.

When occurring on the soles they are called Verrucae or Plantar Warts. Warts on the hands respond better to treatment than the ones on the feet.

Skin tags – Pedunculated polyps which occur anywhere but are most commonly found around areas of friction. They occur more with age and there may be an inherited predisposition towards them. Very easily removed with just one treatment.

 Millia – these are tiny cysts that contain keratin & sebum. They appear as pearly white rounded lumps and range from 1-3mm in diameter. Larger/older Millia will almost certainly require two treatments.


There are various of cosmetic skin treatments that may be able to help you today.