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You don’t need to pay right away for rehab

How are people paying for their rehab stay?

People are now relying on private health insurance to fund their stay in a residential rehab facility for addiction.

Instead of needing to have all of the money for the cost of treatment upfront, health insurance provides an effective payment plan for the patient.

Health insurance removes that barrier by providing affordable, reasonable costs to those that want to get better.

One of the main reasons struggling individuals do not get help for their drug addiction is because of a lack of money to afford treatment.

How to access rehab in Kent

There are different ways to pay for your stay in rehab.

  • Funding from the NHS
  • Self-funding
  • Insurance

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows 259 deaths were drug-related in the county and Medway between 2014 and 2016.

It is important for individuals in Kent who are struggling with addiction to get the right help so they can live a drug-free life.

What insurance plans are available to me?

Various health insurance providers may include residential rehab stays in their insurance packages.

Health insurance providers that include rehab in their insurance cover make the admission process simpler for those who want to get help in a residential rehab centre.

Health insurance providers have different criteria, so it is beneficial to look around when deciding on a health insurance provider in case you may not be able to receive health insurance from a specific provider.

Different insurance providers also may have different benefits in their plans and cover specific treatment in their plans – including stays at a rehab facility.

When deciding on a health insurance provider, the best thing to do is look at the providers and decide on one that includes everything that you require.

How does the admissions process work?

The admissions process for getting treatment in a rehab facility is simpler than it seems.

  1. Call your selected rehab clinic with questions about the insurance cover, admissions process or the method of treatment
  2. Call your private insurance provider to see if your insurance covers any residential rehab treatment
  3. Contact your GP to request a referral to your selected rehab clinic and send the rehab centre your health insurance number
  4. The admissions team at your selected private residential rehab clinic will contact your insurance provider and arrange your admission

The simplified admissions process makes it easier for those to get help to receive the help that will improve their life.

Instead of worrying about the admissions process, they will only need to focus on getting better and living a sober life.

If you are unable to stay in rehab for your addiction, there are ways you can get help at home.


Dental Treatments

Becoming a Cosmetic Dentist

What it takes to become a cosmetic dentist

When it comes to pursuing a career as a cosmetic dentist, you will be required to undertake a 5-year course at university alongside further training.

This will involve a one-year vocational training course, where the trainee will undertake a role as a paid dentist in a dental practice.

Part of this program will also require the trainee dentists to attend various lectures as well as further training to educate them on all components of dentistry.

Choosing a university

Various universities will offer various different programs, so finding which one will be best for you and your career will be entirely up to you.

We would recommend doing some research on the best training academies, dental schools and universities that can offer you some credibility when you graduate.

You can view the Top UK Rankings and League Tables 2021 here.

Advice from highly acclaimed dentists

Dr Joe Oliver, founder and practice director of Joe Oliver Harley Street practices cosmetic dentistry in London and comments that:

The cosmetic dentistry industry across the world is booming right now. Especially after the current pandemic, many more people have been at home and have spent more time seeing their reflection on Zoom.

This has not only encouraged people to undertake more cosmetic procedures like veneers, but other cosmetic treatments like Invisalign as they can carry out their treatments unnoticed at home.

The industry is still expected to rise over the next coming years and if you have the skills, reputation and a good knowledge of marketing, you will certainly reap the benefits of this often lucrative industry.

Leaving education

Following their six-year training, the dentist will be pretty much left to their own devices, ideas and pursuits.

Be aware that dentistry is an ever-changing world of new inventions, innovations, improvements and methods, which affects every field.

To succeed as a cosmetic dentist it is vital that you keep up with and remain at the forefront of these modernisations.

The GDC will also require you to complete a certain amount of learning hours, which you and your future team will need to complete in courses every five years.

This is to ensure continued learning and that you deliver a high standard of care.

Dental education tips and resources

There are various websites that can help you throughout your education and provide real insights into what it’s like to become a cosmetic dentist.

Downloads and Resources | Oral Health Foundation

Oral hygiene resources | BDA

Oral Health: Teaching and Learning Materials (Primary) | Healthy Schools

More from us


Addiction Rehabilitation

Recovery treatments for addiction

 What are the options available to me?

Depending on your preferred method of treatment, or what you have agreed with your doctor, you might opt for either inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment rehabilitation offers structured addiction support programmes with the patient living in the facility. Round-the-clock care and support is available at inpatient rehab facilities and suit those dealing with chronic addiction, as well as those who find it difficult to cope without full-time support.

Outpatient rehabilitation programmes offer the same treatment as inpatient clinics; however, patients can live at home during the process.

This type of rehabilitation allows patients to continue working if they feel able to do so, and see families and friends, while also attending treatment sessions. Read more about what options are available to you.

Types of treatment

Rehabilitation centres offer many types of treatment for addiction, for those with alcohol or drug dependencies or gambling addiction. While all rehabilitation clinics vary slightly, there is a selection of treatments offered at most rehabilitation centres in the UK.

Equine therapy

Caring for animals and interacting with them has proven to have many health benefits and can particularly help those battling addiction. While several animals are used in therapy, including dogs and cats, rehabilitation treatments involving horses is very effective in supporting patients recovering from addiction.

  • Equine therapy involves caring for horses, feeding, grooming, and leading them around outdoors. Sessions will usually take place in small groups, although individual sessions can be arranged at most centres. A horse handler will also be present.
  • Working with horses helps patients to focus their energy on the animal, to gain an understanding of them and take responsibility for caring for them.
  • Patients who struggle to express how they are feeling may find equine therapy particularly useful, as they can share their thoughts and feelings with the horse and find the companionship very rewarding.

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR therapy is a form of psychotherapy developed to treat those battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can cause people to relive the traumatic event(s) they have experienced, through frightening flashbacks, nightmares or visions.

In the 1980s, American psychologist Francine Shapiro discovered that certain eye movements appeared to reduce the negative emotion associated with her traumatic memories.

Shapiro then developed EMDR therapy as a way of reducing the negative effects of re-experiencing traumatic memories and helping patients to cope with the memories without triggering a negative emotional response.

Family therapy

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy enables family members, couples and those who care about each other to express difficult thoughts and emotions in a safe space.

Speaking with loved ones about a battle with addiction can be daunting, so family therapy is focused on supporting patients and their relatives to explore the challenges surrounding addiction and the impact it has on their lives.


The detoxification process can be very daunting for those battling drug or alcohol dependency. Detox programmes should always be undertaken with psychotherapy, to get the best from the treatment.

While detoxing allows patients to cleanse their bodies of the physical presence of drugs or alcohol, it is only the first step in recovery. A combination of individual psychotherapy, specialist therapy, and support from a dedicated team can facilitate a full recovery. More.

Luxury rehabilitation centres

There are several established luxury rehabilitation centres in the UK offering treatment for all types of addiction. Whether you are seeking treatment in a rural setting or convenient city location, here are five recommended luxury rehab centres:

  • The Cottage, Surrey – Exclusive, unique treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, executive stress and eating disorders. Visit website.
  • Castle Craig, Peeblesshire, Scotland – A residential rehabilitation hospital treating those with all types of addictions in the picturesque Scottish countryside. Visit website.
  • Schoen Clinic Chelsea, London – A specialised day centre for eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders. Visit website.
  • The Manor Clinic, Southampton – A treatment centre with accommodation for 13 people offering specialist rehab and therapy. Visit website.
  • AddCounsel, Mayfair, London – One client at a time therapy in central London for substance use disorders, mental health, and behavioural conditions. Visit website.

The E-Cigarette Debate continues into 2019

• It is April 14th, 2019. I have just smoked my last cigarette.

I announced that I was quitting smoking, and no one believed me. The cynics had a body of evidence to back up their assertions. I had previously given up smoking on umpteen occasions and had shown pathetic levels of will power every single time. This was then followed by a period of denial, and Watergate levels of cover up as I began the process of the smoking liar – that horrible period where the cessation stops, and the sneaky smoking habit begins again. Christ, I even developed an obsessive-compulsive habit of washing my hands with anti-bacterial hand wash as it was the only thing that removed the smell of cigarettes from my hand. It was a desperate attempt to avoid being exposed as a fraud.

A friend of mine went a stage further – he bought a pair of driving gloves to hold a cigarette, in a desperate bid to avoid exposure.

The whole thing was rather pathetic, and on April 14th, 2019, my 15-year smoking habit stopped. The final straw was a combination of two embarrassing moments. My daughter mentioned that I smelled of bacon crisps, which was a bit of a degrading note to self. But, the final straw happened when I was hiding under the willow tree in my garden to have an early morning sneaky smoke. I was shat upon by a seagull. It was a sign from above that something had to change.

So, I once again set out on that road to hell – the process of becoming an ex-smoker. This time, I am pleased to report that I have not had a cigarette for a whole year. I have finally slain the beast.

The first few weeks were the worst. It was utter hell. I almost broke at Derby rail station as I tried to find ways to kill time as my train was delayed by three hours. Usually, in situations like this, I would have just stepped outside the station and smoked my way through the hiatus. Without my filthy little friends to prop me up, I spent long and discombobulating afternoon browsing magazines in WH Smith. I felt like a lunatic. I almost broke down in tears due to my withdrawal symptoms.

The cessation process did get easier over time – largely due to using e-cigarettes. A few friends of mine had started using them, and they swore by them. So after a trial and error process to try and find an e-cig that worked well for me, I settled upon the fabulous Green Smokes.

Nicotine gets a lot of bad PR, yet, the negative health effects are minimal and comparable to caffeine. It is the tar, smoke, tobacco and carcinogens within tobacco based cigarettes that cause the damage. E-cigs have none of this. They only have nicotine and the emission of safe non-polluting water vapour. I use Wick and Wire for my vape juice, but there are others.

What I love about e-cigs is the ability to behave like a smoker, yet having more freedom to smoke anywhere. For the smoker, the process of smoking is everything. E-cigs allow the smoker to continue the habitual process of smoking – even in public places.

Awareness is slowly increasing about e-cigs. I know of many people who have now completely given up tobacco cigarettes for e-cigs – including myself. In fact, I suspect that in 10 years time, due to e-cigs, it will seem ridiculous to smoke tobacco cigarettes unless someone has some sort of latent death wish. Recent research has claimed that e-cigs have helped nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely, and around one million people now use e-cigs in the UK.

Cost also comes into the equation – for the price of 150 tobacco cigarettes (roughly £100) I get an e-cig cartridge equivalent to 150 cigarettes at a total cost of £8. A massive saving for these austere times.

Tobacco companies are running scared of e-cigs and are lobbying hard against them. In some places, the politicians and the busybodies are listening to this propaganda. Several countries (including Austria and New Zealand) restrict the sale of e-cigarettes, by classifying them as medical devices; others (Brazil and Singapore) ban them altogether. Some airlines ban passengers from using e-cigarettes on their planes. The EU is looking closely at e-cigs and the wheels are in motion towards restrictions. This is utterly scandalous, and smacks of old tobacco lobbying and government posturing to protect tobacco tax revenues.

This approach is completely wrong. Those charged with improving public health should be promoting e-cigarettes, not discouraging their use. Of course, e-cigarettes should be regulated, but e-cigarettes are a much more viable option for quitting smoking than say, patches – as the smoker gets to give up and still indulge in the habitual side of smoking, without the health risks.

The right approach is not to dehumanise smoking, but to humanise e-smoking. It is a much better option for both the smoker and passive smoker. The NHS should be endorsing e-cigs as a form of cessation.


Cosmetic Beauty Dental Treatments

Orthodontic Options for Straighter Teeth

Considering orthodontic options to straighten teeth largely hinges on the diagnosis and where the individual is on the continuum of mild to severe orthodontic condition.  Teeth may need straightening to improve bite and speech, to prevent the development of a jaw disorder, or to correct teeth misalignment. Click here.

Nowadays, there is a range of modern choices for comfortable and convenient teeth straightening treatment:

Removable braces systems

Mild orthodontic conditions such as irregularly spaced teeth, crooked or protruding teeth, and overcrowded teeth may be corrected with a removable braces system. Retainers are an example of removable braces systems used to keep teeth in their proper positions after teeth straightening with a fixed braces system.

Removable braces systems include near-invisible aligners made out of clear plastic to resemble a mouth shield or guard that fits over the front teeth. The aligners may be replaced every two weeks, such as with Invisalign technology, as teeth straightening progress. Clearstep is another example of a removable braces system designed to be easily removed for sporting activities, teeth cleaning, eating, singing and playing of musical instruments.

Compare to Invisalign.

Fixed braces systems

Fixed braces systems are often used to treat more severe orthodontic conditions. Modern fixed braces systems differ from traditional metal braces in that elastics are not used in the design, and brackets are made out of tooth-coloured ceramics. More information.

Braces are also used during smile makeovers. Click here.

Lingual braces systems

Lingual fixed braces systems offer complete discretion as the tooth-coloured brackets are fitted behind the front teeth, not visible to others when smiling.  Incorporating self-ligating technology, Lingual braces systems are designed to be passive and to reduce friction for improved comfort and oral functions such as eating and speaking.

Other orthodontic devices

To correct bite functions and jaw disorders, orthodontic headgears are available. These devices go a step further than fixed braces systems in that they aid in regulating the movement of the jaw for proper bite function. An individual receiving treatment with alternate orthodontic devices for severe malocclusion may progress to the removal of the headgear and use of a retainer later to keep teeth in their proper positions.

Choosing a braces system

While the orthodontic diagnosis plays a key role in the type of braces or aligner system recommended by the dentist, personal preference does too. Individuals have options in choices of fixed and removable braces systems as more brands appear on the market with unique features for making teeth straightening a pleasant experience. Finding out about these choices from dentists and research will help you choose the right orthodontic treatment for you.

Cosmetic Beauty Health

Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Skin Care Treatments for Men and Women

A course of skin care treatments are designed to treat or remove a number of skin problems such as:

  • Cosmetic Beauty Skin Care
  • Semi permanent makeup
  • Birthmarks / blemishes / acne scars
  • Blood spot removal / liver spot removal
  • Skin care for men / Skin care for women

This non-abrasive laser skin care has become popular because treatments can be done in a short amount of time with virtually no downtime. This type of beauty skin care not the only treats the inconsistencies in your skin, but also other facial conditions such as blemishes and facial redness.

Image by Laser offers a wide variety of professional skin treatments designed to treat specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, sun damage, premature ageing, acne, open pores, redness, facial veins and rosacea. Their services include carbon laser peel, cosmelan depigmentation peel, and facial-lase. Click here to find out more about these treatments and what they involve.

In addition, by improving skin tone, it will prevent wrinkles and decrease pore size, and leave your skin feeling silky and clean. This procedure offers many advantages because it is non-invasive with minimal adverse effects, and is suitable for both men and woman.

All of our technicians are fully qualified having completed extensive training in their chosen techniques. Click here to find out more about semi permanent makeup training.

Virtually painless | affordable treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation is virtually painless. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately. Laser skin rejuvenation works by aiding the growth and remodeling of collagen. The laser targets your own layers of collagen beneath the skin’s surface. In a few months, the stimulated collagen will fill the void of wrinkles and scars. This procedure does not require local anesthesia and is very well tolerated. Contact us for more information about these treatments.

Interested in cosmetic dentistry? Find out more here.

Read about other treatments in our London clinic:


Three Spiritual Healing Examples that Provide Natural Healing Treatment

Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Revitalising and re-energising ourselves can be done in numerous ways. Spiritual treatment is becoming a popular solution, hobby and lifestyle for those seeking ways to improve themselves.

We’ve outlined three spiritual treatments that can help cleanse your soul.


Yoga is a brilliant spiritual, physical and mental exercise. Yoga is a popular exercise to undertake in the UK because of its countless health benefits, including; increased flexibility, maintains a balanced metabolism and helps cardio and circulatory health.

“Yoga is fantastic because it isn’t limited to anyone. Young, middle-aged or old, its beneficial for whoever.”

Yoga is a popular hobby and exercise for many people. You can join a yoga class or undertake your own private sessions.


Add vitamin supplements to your diet

Natural supplements can improve your well-being.

It is important to keep yourself healthy and in good spirit. This often means having minor levels of discomfort, high energy levels, great fitness levels and optimistic mental health. A way to achieve this is by taking natural vitamin supplements. Typically these help to reduce inflammation, as well as improving energy levels and can prevent illnesses. Click here for vitamin supplements.

Recommended supplements:

  • Vitamin D
  • Curcumin
  • Omega 3S
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin K


Meditation is incredibly important for allowing you to free your mind and body. It promotes a productive lifestyle and is highly-focused on your own emotional health. This can include improving your attention span, reducing age-related memory loss and reduces stress.

“There are multiple scientific benefits for undertaking meditation. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and can be extremely effective in revitalising yourself.”

Engaging in meditation can help explore you. It enables you to spend some time alone and with yourself, and sometimes people need that to relax and dwell on their own thoughts.


Clairvoyance focuses purely on the mind. It’s a spiritual journey you undertake with a clairvoyant who is capable of pinpointing and understanding potential problems. They help offer solutions and guidance in times that may be difficult for you.

“Clairvoyance is unique. It’s similar to a counsellor and therapist, but during sessions with a Clairvoyant, you gain a sense of reassurance, validation and acceptance.”

Unlike the other two methods, Clairvoyance isn’t physical. It can help give you a better understanding of events that have happened to you and it gives you a chance to deal with your problems with a neutral person.


Discover what facial treatments you could try to help improve your confidence today.

Cosmetic Beauty Dental Treatments

No.1 Cosmetic Veneers in Hertfordshire

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of teeth. They are a cosmetic solution for teeth that are stained, chipped, or misaligned and fall under one of the biggest treatments in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental porcelain laminates are thin, custom-made tooth coloured shells designed to cover the front surface of teeth.  Veneers are shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth to change the colour, shape, size or length. They can completely transform your smile. Find out more here.

This type of treatment is the best in resisting stains and better allow light to show through like natural teeth.  Resin veneers thinner than porcelain and require less removal of the natural tooth surface.

They can fix teeth that have gaps, are discoloured, worn down, broken, misaligned, or unevenly shaped.

Are you interested in getting veneers fitted? For those Hertfordshire based patients, we recommend Hockerill Dental – one of Hertfordshire’s leading cosmetic dental practices. You can call 01279 652400 to request a free consultation, or visit their website.

How do veneers work?

Veneers provide a natural tooth appearance and are stain resistant.   They offer a conservative approach to changing the colour and shape of a tooth.  People invest in veneers as they can be used to straighten teeth almost instantly instead of waiting years for braces to work.

Veneers have a realistic appearance with the beauty and durability only porcelain restorations can provide. 

Ceramic veneers are white, thin ceramic shells, made to fit precisely onto the front of anterior teeth.  Veneers last and outperform bonding with greater resistance to stains and dulling. Click here for other cosmetic treatments.

More Information on Veneers:

  1. The Benefits of Having Veneers
  2. Celebrities That Have Veneers

Aromatherapy Massages for men and women

The practice of aromatherapy has benefited human kind for thousands of years. This century has
seen the application of science to the ancient art and one company has done more than any other
to improve the purity and quality of essential oils and the products that are derived from them.

The Tisserand name is synonymous with excellence and is the first choice of professional practitioners and those looking for the best products available. The Tisserand range is extensive, innovative and authentic.

Massages available for Men and Women check price list

Aromatherapy sensuous relaxing massage tailored to your individual needs
1 hour 40 1/2hour 22
Swedish 1hour 30
Indian Head 1hour 40
Innoxa Pressure Point incusive of scalp,shoulders, back,and neck massage
1 hour 45
Reflexology Mondays only

Oil Base
oils.gif – 1.9 K
oilspic.gif – 21.7 KMassage Oils and Lotions
vapor.gif – 4.1 K

The Tisserand range of vaporisers offer something
for everyone, whether you are looking for a sophisticated vaporising ioniser or simple vaporising ring. Whatever you choose from the range it will be stylish, cost effective,safe and efficient.
The range includes an excellent Vaporising Ioniser,
an Aromatherapy Vaporiser, an Aroma-Stone
and Aroma-Stream . . . all coming with fitted plugs
and ready to use. For a romantic and evocative atmosphere, choose from the Fragrance Burner or Simmer Pot. For use on a conventional table or bedside lamp, Tisserand offer a firm favourite – the Vaporising Ring.

Tisserand’s pure essential oils are suitable for bathing,
vaporisation and massage.

Essential oils should not be used directly on the skin and are readily absorbed via vegetable/base oils – Tisserand offer an excellent selection, from the popular and readily absorbed Grapeseed and Sweet Almond to nourishing and beneficial Wheatgerm and Evening Primrose . . . amongst others. For extra therapeutic benefits, we offer blended face and body bases.
massage.gif – 3.4 K

For those who prefer ready to use products, Tisserand
offer an extensive collection of ready blended oils and lotions
for the face and body. Containing Tisserand pure essential oils,
these products are authentic, effective and easy to apply.

Essential oils can be used for their therapeutic purposes to benefit both the mind and body, and it is worth investing in the best. Tisserand offer over 50 pure essential oils, and a limited collection of organic essential oils. Whether you are looking for the ever useful Lavender or extravagent and beautiful Rose, you need look no further.
vaporpic.gif – 19.5 K


Acne scar removal Q&A

How does acne scar removal work?

The laser pulses are expertly applied in milliseconds over the acne area to be treated. The patient may notice a sense of short light flashes as it passes over. Some patients experience a warming glow and tingling sensation. The sensitive lower epidermis level of skin and surrounding tissue is not affected. There is no need for any anaesthetic. Typically the whole face can be treated for acne scar removal in perhaps 30 minutes, with smaller areas such as near to the eyes, mouth or neck much faster.

Are there any side effects to the acne laser treatment?

Worldwide ongoing clinical trials have found acne treatment with laser to be remarkably safe. In rare cases there may be some slight swelling or reddening, but on the few occasions it has happened, it has settled down very quickly. There is also a very small risk of pigmentation changes within the treated area. A very small minority of patients have had pinpoint bruising where the acne laser was fired, but every case has settled down completely within a few days. This side effect is very much the exception, but can occur and patients should not have N Lite treatments unless they are fully aware that this and other side effects are a possibility. At the time of going to print, no other side effects of any consequence have been noted although of course this cannot be guaranteed.

Is the acne scarring treatment safe?

Yes. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the acne scarring treatment can lead to skin disorders or an increased risk of skin cancer. Furthermore, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of the patients. The lasers are also subject to periodical checks. Treatments are carried out by fully trained nurses and acne laser operatives.


Manicure & Pedicure

Hands age more quickly than the face. A Luxury and effective treatment for the hands Including Hand Cleanse, Exfoliate, Masque and Liposome serum. Hands will feel softer, smoother, firmer and will be visually more attractive.

A manicure treatment analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type. The cuticles are cared for with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected and finally treatment base coats and colour are applied for the perfect finish until your next visit.

The treatment is designed to meet the needs of four specific nail types, dry, brittle, normal or damaged a nd encourages the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. A true treat for the hands and nails.

A therapeutic foot bath and skin-softening pedicure is followed by a relaxing pressure point massage using creams and oils containing sage, menthol, rosemary and mint to soothe, refresh and revitalise the feet.

This intensive pedicure uses deep herbal exfoliation, cuticle and vitamin E treatments to nourish and soften skin. The deep exfoliation of your feet can renew your skin and will provide visible improvements. This treatment can diminish the appearance of wrinkles, decrease visible signs of sun damage and encourage skin cell renewal.